February 2012

Relaxed work attire is a trend many entrepreneurs have embraced -- some perhaps a little too much. In fact, a recent survey commissioned by The Creative Group found 39 percent of executives said workers and company representatives appear too casual when donning a relaxed look.

As an entrepreneur, we ARE the company and our appearance should reflect that..

Here are a few pointers to be ‘best dressed’ without the stress.

Under-do it. Unless your job is in the entertainment or fashion industry, clothing should never be distracting. Your personal style still can shine through--just don't make it scream.

As a social media strategist I often come across the following question - I have a barely used Twitter account under my personal name. Should I open a new account for my business under my business name?

I strongly suggest you keep just one Twitter account with your name on it. If you want your business name to have some presence on Twitter you can always change the @mention name to your business name… but keep the actual account in your name.

People are more likely to engage with you (in the relationship building way) when it is a person vs. a company name. Also, if you network locally, people are also more likely to search you under your name as well.

All businesses impact the environment. The decision to go green is a smart business move. It saves energy, cuts costs, and also creates competitive advantage for you in the market place. Going green is not an overwhelming process.

Below are five easy tips to help your small business incorporate greening as part of your business model.

1. Make a Decision. It all starts with a decision. Make a firm decision to “Be Green” and incorporate it as a core value in your business model. Create a roadmap and identify priority issues to achieve sustainability in your business. Commit to it and integrate it in all your business decisions.

One of the most important lessons all entrepreneurs need to learn early on in their businesses is to ask for help. Too often business owners opt to do everything themselves either because of budget concerns or their inability to let go or ask for help. Here are a few benefits of getting professional advice:

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know
It is simply not possible for everyone to do everything perfectly. By pulling together a team of professionals and accessing their expertise at the appropriate time, you can grow your business at a faster pace than you could on your own.

Spend Your Resources Wisely

Communication is one of the biggest issues for employers, so you are not alone if you struggle with it. In a small company which has very few people, communication happens easily because you sit side by side. As the company grows it becomes more and more difficult to keep in touch. Even with the advent of myriad ways of communication (email, skype, text, chat, twitter, facebook, blog, etc.), managers struggle with how to get their messages across.