June 2012

Crafting and refining a vision for business is a way to gain clarity, stay focused and strategic when building/growing a business. You can use it as a beacon for your daily routine; as a tool to inspire your employees; as a communication message for the customers; and as a criterion for your decisions.

It is beneficial when you can extract the ideas for the future from your head and transfer it to paper whether journaling or designing a vision board.

One of the fatal branding errors that some businesses make is in their email address. I call this problem "the ugly email" – businesses that use email addresses like john@hotmail.com or jane@yahoo.ca or an email through their Internet provider.

As an entrepreneur, you have invested a lot of your time and energy in building up your business. Why use an email that can cost you valuable business. Maybe I'm overly sensitive because I'm in the technology industry. I can't help but cringe every time I see the “ugly email” on a business card or website.

As business owners, it’s often easy to think that getting more customers is the answer to getting more revenue.

Although this is true, it is actually much more cost and time effective if you already have a solid customer base to focus on, keeping the existing customers you love as your primary goal. Many of the customers you already have are often willing to buy more and buy more often if you have what they want.

Keep in mind that happy customers that you stay in touch with regularly are likely to tell others about you. As you are well aware of, word-of-mouth referrals are like gold.