February 2013

There is a myth that we should be able to do it all – grow business revenues by 25% year over year, keep all household affairs in order, bake from scratch, be involved in the community, and look fabulous at the same time, etc. What commonly happens though, is that we only realize we are overextended when something gives – often it’s our health or relationships.

Are you intentional about how you spend your energy and your time? Or are you so busy with short-term to-dos that the truly important, foundational items are getting neglected?

Here are top 3 common issues:

In order to compete and gain an edge for your company, incorporating technology is imperative in today’s business world. Instead of blindly adopting technology trends into your practice, it is important to consider how they can transform your organization internally and externally, and assist in your business growth over time.

Each company has a different operating environment and unique circumstances. The business owner should have a clear understanding of the specific goals he or she hopes to accomplish before buying into the idea.

It is indeed surprising the amount of paper which is still being generated and consumed in this technically savvy period. According to a report, the average Canadian uses the paper equivalent of almost five 40-foot (12-metre) trees a year.

Creating a paperless office environment is cost effective and environmentally responsible.

My last blog On That Note . . . Part One shared the “Why’ handwritten notes are effective even in today’s digital world of communication. This blog will share 5 simple ways on “How” to use a handwritten note.

5 Simple Ways to Use Notes

Thanks! If you really want to create an impression, send a thank you card after you close a sale.
Here’s another tip. How many times have you received a thank you note just because you made an inquiry or asked for a quote? Right - NEVER! Send a personal note to say thank you when a prospective client does just that.