April 2013

I’ve always made a point of scheduling a coffee ‘meeting’ at least twice a week. One is with someone new that I’ve just met and the other is usually a colleague that I haven’t seen for a while. I’ve made it part of my weekly routine and business plan.

Media & PR isn’t always a high priority, but if you’re looking to promote yourself then you need to start working on your strategy now. Don’t wait until you need some instant attention.

So what can you do that’s manageable and inexpensive, but productive?

Does your business serve a diverse community of customers? If so, you may be thinking about how to market to a specific group based on age, gender or culture.

One thing to be fully aware of is that diversity marketing is not a quick fix to grow your customer base. It’s a long-term proposition with benchmarks that are more difficult to clearly define than running a coupon promotion. It’s a marketing strategy to build a long-term relationship with a niche group.

When a business decides to move forward with diversity marketing – it needs to make sure its own house is in order. Ask yourself: Do you have employees that represent the group you want to focus your marketing efforts towards? If not, then it will be unrealistic to proceed.

The key message that I keep hearing from business owners is the feeling of being overwhelmed by the numerous social media platforms and the lack of time to participate in even one of them.
Here are strategies to feel less overwhelmed.