January 2014

Many people who go into business are both the biggest visionary and the biggest critic in their profession. They see the big picture, yet they do things to sabotage their advancement. Here are five of the most common mistakes that 98% of professionals make in their business and how they can be avoided.

1. Tolerating the business you have. Don’t let yourself slip into the ‘good enough’ mindset and get complacent about investing in business development. Most small business owners unknowingly shrink their dreams because it’s safer to stay in their comfort zone, rather than super-size their courage and go for their big audacious goal. Think and dream big!

If creating a clutter free workspace is one of your New Year resolutions, preparation is a key factor in your plan to create such a workspace. For many, organizing their workspace is a daunting undertaking. To make it easier, let’s break it into 2 action plans:

Action Plan 1: begin today to get a jumpstart for 2014.
Action Plan 2: develop new routines to maintain your clutter free workspace

Action Plan 1
Why does getting organized feel so unattainable? Because there are no systems established to organize and maintain the workspace.

The holidays have just gone by, full of parties and events. Life speeds up and so do stress levels. You might not have time for the sleep you need and the exercise that keeps you vital. Studies show that we’re actually happiest when we take good care of ourselves and avoid the high cost of over indulging.

Here are a few ways to take some small steps to lasting change in 2014 and avoid the condition I see as “Ooops how did that happen?”

1. Assess
When we are rushed and too tightly-scheduled, we don’t notice what’s happening. We often finish the holidays with more stress than the little bit of comfort we enjoyed. That increases stress, not happiness.

Here are seven small low-to-no cost projects that you can do while everyone is only now gearing up for the new year! Each project will generate a measurable ROI for you in 2014.

1. Update your website's "About Us" page. Change the graphics to fresher, newer images; add a new profile picture to let visitors know who you are and current customers recognize you; update your product/services description with new descriptive words.

2. Check your site's keywords. Is your site using the best and most current keywords to help you attract more free search engine traffic? Check your website's title, page headers, intro copy, image tags, and internal linking structure.