May 2014

Recently I heard a great tip about when to apply for a business loan from one of our service partners, who was presenting to a group of people considering self-employment: It’s easier to apply for financing either before you start your business, or after you’ve been operating for 3-4 years. Here are some reasons why.

Equity: Before you start your business, you’ve probably been saving up money to invest in your business. Lenders will be happy to see that this money is there, because it shows that you believe enough in your business to risk your own hard-earned savings.

A business is an entity that needs to be created, built and led in order for it to be successful over the long term. Get on the road to planned business growth by mastering these five strategies.

Learn to think like a salesperson
Develop your sales muscle and learn to think like a salesperson. The function of selling is to identify people’s unique needs and help them achieve their desires. You are the provider of the solution they are seeking; your role is to facilitate the buying process.

We know how important having a website is to our business. That’s why we invest time, energy and resources into its design and launch.

But once it’s live, and the initial excitement fades, our website is all too easy to ignore. We get caught up in the day to day running of our business or seduced by more “exciting” marketing platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook. And so our website sits, its content unchanged and unloved.

Your website content deserves your time and attention, not just once but regularly. Here are just a few reasons why your website content matters:

Thinking about growth? Getting into the supply chain of big corporations can boost your business. Getting certified as a Woman Business Owner (WBE) is the first step in the process of connecting you to new supply chains.

The annual Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Conference and Business Fair provides an opportunity to access companies that are looking to purchase from diverse suppliers. In 2014, the conference is taking place in June in Philadelphia, PA.

If you haven’t got one – you need to get one!

Many of us are working on contracts, holding part time jobs, starting our own business or finding ways to add value to our present workplace. It is essential to know how to build our business and market ourselves and our skills.

One way to do this is through networking.
Why Network?

The paperless work environment has changed the business landscape forever. An electronic filing system can not only save on office expenses by reducing your cost on furniture but also make your business processes more competitive. It is also more secure as you can back up all your files. Below are a few tips to create an efficient electronic filing system.

Step 1: Have a plan
Visualize how you want to structure your digital folders. Create a plan and follow it.

Step 2: Categorize folders by topic
Organize all your folders by topic. A few examples are banking, marketing, and travel. The file name provides a snapshot to find information quickly by scanning for a name, by date or other significant indicators.