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Recruiting a manager is extra work crammed into your already bursting schedule. It’s also work you do infrequently (we hope!), meaning you may get rusty between cycles. Most people have great intentions when they start to recruit, but the process can be draining. When fatigue sets in, remind yourself of the goal.

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How many times have you thought: “If we just find the right people, everything else will fall into place”? A good hire can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line, and a great hire transforms that one-time bump into an annuity paying dividends year after year. But how will you find that great hire?

Use Your Network

Before you contact job sites and recruiting firms, use your network! Current employees, past employees, friends, colleagues, suppliers, and sometimes competitors can be a great source of candidate leads. Tell your network that you are looking, and be clear about what you are looking for.

Be Memorable

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Every day, people are bombarded by advertising. There is always someone trying to sell some kind of product or service that will supposedly make our lives better. Flashy packaging and clever wording convinces us to purchase products, which often end up as closet fillers.

Smart business owners think differently when deciding on their marketing strategy. They realize that consumers need to feel connected in some way to a product or service. Business owners can differentiate themselves from their competitors if their customers can envision themselves:

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Look around. Does this describe your work place?

• Clutter,
• Procrastination,
• No system for storing or filing items and
• Being reactive rather than proactive

When there is no plan you are wasting valuable time and energy reacting to every circumstance.

Make every minute count. Start building systems to bring efficiency to your work place. Make it an ongoing project.

The first step starts with having a firm grasp on every aspect of your business process. For a business to function at top capacity it needs customized, built in systems, processes and procedures. Done correctly, all three operate together as an entity.

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Research and years of experience tell us that business owners benefit from support. No surprises there. But just what kind of support is needed?

At Women’s Enterprise Centre, we have just the right support -depending on your needs. We have complimentary Business Advising services and 3 types of Mentoring Programs.

As the new Mentor Program Coordinator I’ve had the unique opportunity to speak with many women about their businesses, the challenges they face and the goals they’re trying to achieve. What I’ve learned is that the term “Mentor” means different things to different people. 

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Whether you are a business professional or a small business owner, it is important to stay on top of what's happening in and around the digital sphere of things if you are the one in charge of the business strategy and objectives. Staying on top of trends keeps you aware and helps you adjust your plans appropriately, especially when social media has become an important tool today.