Planning to export? Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) can open doors of opportunities for you. They make flow of goods and services across international borders smooth and easy.

What is the purpose of FTA’s?

The chief goal of FTA’s is to make life easier for you, the exporter or importer, by removing barriers to international trade. While the primary focus is on eliminating tariffs, it also impacts non-tariff barriers, for example, quotas, intellectual property, competition policy etc.

As a small business owner, you may be working with a multi-generational workforce. At any time you may have up to four different generations working together. You’ve heard of the “Traditionalists” (born between 1922-1945) and of course, the “Boomers”(1946-1964); Generation X (those born between 1965–1979); and Generation Y (those born between 1980-1999).
But each of these groups have different values and views on work in general so using the same approach with such diverse groups is not the best HR practice. Instead, you want to create a “Gen Y Friendly” culture and workplace, and balance it with the needs of a multi-generational workforce.

You’ve decided entrepreneurship is the path for you. Now what? Successful start-ups don’t just happen, and it’s time to lay the foundation for your new enterprise. Too many budding entrepreneurs are seduced by stories of million dollar businesses sketched on the back of cocktail napkins, or mistakenly worry that they must “wear all the hats,” and both attitudes lead to problems. Avoid preventable problems and plan, build and test as your first steps.

Lots of us Gen Y’ers are more comfortable engaging through technology than face-to-face, so the thought of walking into a room and talking to strangers can be overwhelming. Sometimes the demands of our jobs/business include attending live events, so you just have to do it!
Show up

Inspired by my young playful daughter, Peekaboo Beans was started from my home. Peekaboo Beans designs and manufactures comfortable, ethically made children’s clothing that fosters independence and play and has grown into a nationally, award winning brand.

Just like a growing child, starting a business is full of firsts.

When the seeds were planted for my business idea in 2005, I experienced many of those firsts. Product development, production, HR, financing, balance sheets and income statements, logistics and operations, marketing, and networking! Talk about throwing someone out of their comfort zone.

Interpersonal is the third area that contributes to emotional intelligence. This is about how we interact with others. Here, we examine our social graces.

These competencies make up the interpersonal area of the EQ model:
Interpersonal relationships
Social responsibility

Let’s finish with the third competency under the Interpersonal Composite and discuss Social Responsibility.

Social responsibility is most commonly integrated into company initiatives, called corporate social responsibility, but do you personally exude social responsibility?

Social responsibility is the ability to give back to others; to be helpful.