Feeling overwhelmed as an entrepreneur? “Work smarter, not harder” has been my resolution this year. Some tech tools have really helped me accomplish this. Here are a few of my favourite tools for working smarter.

IFTTT (web, iOS, Android)

IFTTT (If This Then That) streamlines productivity by automating online tasks. It uses “recipes” that you either create yourself or choose from a collection it provides. For example, one recipe that a lot of businesses are using is automatically creating a post whenever a blog gets published.

Do you ever find yourself saying, “ I just can’t explain the way I feel”? Don’t worry because you are not alone. Emotions are a tricky thing and if they are not expressed appropriately; it will affect not only yourself, but also the people around you

Self-expression is the second composite scale that contributes to emotional intelligence. This composite scale is about how we show and express ourselves to others.

These competencies make up the self-expression area of the model:

  • Emotional expression
  • Assertiveness
  • Independence

Let’s begin and discuss Emotional Expression.

As the holiday season approaches, marketing to your existing customers is your #1 priority. Focusing on new customers needs to be secondary and only if your marketing budget allows for both.

So what is one of the best approaches over the holiday season?

Email marketing.

That’s right, email marketing is not dead. In fact  it is a powerful tool if done properly.

If you have an email database and you email your customers at least once a month, it is a good starting place.

Here is a solid and proven strategy. I know because I have been testing it in my business and am seeing results.

Start with a Theme

What big event or offer do you want your customers to get juiced up about?

One of the major reasons businesses fail is their inability to anticipate and adapt to change. As the head of your organization, you set the tone for your business so a commitment to knowledge and learning will help you gain a competitive edge.

Here are 5 ways you can stay motivated and informed so you can be the best asset for your business:

In British Columbia, many people in skilled trades, technical and management positions will be retiring between 2015 and 2020. Fact: it is going to become even tougher to find skilled workers in the future. Companies adept at recruitment and retention will have a competitive advantage.

Some Recruitment Basics

Below are some suggestions to help attract good people who will stay with your company beyond a couple of pay periods.

As a business owner you should look for the following four qualities when hiring an accountant: