You’ve probably heard mentoring can double your chances of staying in business, but did you know it can also change the way you think?

Here are three things I learned from being mentored:

1. I will never know everything – and that’s ok

I thought to make it in this world I should absolutely know the answer to everything. As you can imagine, I failed at this miserably a million times over. When I got a mentor who showed me the blind spots I was missing in my business, I realized that it’s ok to not know everything. In fact, when you know that you don’t know, (like young children) you are more open to learning and seeing more possibilities because you aren’t cutting yourself off from new information.

Online video can communicate your story and message, share your heart, and express how you truly feel about something in under 60 seconds. No other medium can do that in such a concise, visually engaging way, and it is the most powerful first impression you can make if you can’t meet face-to-face. That’s why we work with the power of video: to capture our clients’ stories and launch them into the digital world.

There is a crucial question that everyone asks before becoming a blogger – Which blogging platform should I use… Blogger, WordPress or something else? My very first blog was called “Chrissie’s Film Project Blog” and was written in 2005/2006 when I was working on “What Girls Are Made Of?” my Master’s thesis project. That experience gave me the blogging bug. I started with BlogSpot (before Google swooped in and changed it to Blogger).

So after a few years blogging with Blogger I signed up for a WordPress account as well so that I could test its features.

In this day and age, a high percentage of people, especially women, are afraid to be assertive because society may view them as being pushy or overbearing. However, assertiveness is the complete opposite – being able to stand up for your self is a very powerful tool.

In my last blog, Can You Express Your Feelings? we examined emotional expression.
Now let’s discuss the second competency in the self-expression area, Assertiveness. Assertiveness is the ability to express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs clearly and in a non-offensive way. It is the balance between being passive and aggressive.

Love them or hate them…..KPI or Key Performance Indicators are a great way of assessing your business performance and creating a strong roadmap for your business growth.

KPI’s are very important for analysing your business finances. Financial statements with KPI provide management with relevant, reliable and comparable information so owners-managers make informed decisions.

I work with entrepreneurs helping them understand their financial statements so they can plan for the future. Below are a few of my suggestions to help you use KPI effectively in your business.