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Here are seven small low-to-no cost projects that you can do while everyone is only now gearing up for the new year! Each project will generate a measurable ROI for you in 2014.

1. Update your website's "About Us" page. Change the graphics to fresher, newer images; add a new profile picture to let visitors know who you are and current customers recognize you; update your product/services description with new descriptive words.

2. Check your site's keywords. Is your site using the best and most current keywords to help you attract more free search engine traffic? Check your website's title, page headers, intro copy, image tags, and internal linking structure.

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Many small business owners take a basic approach to financial management. They have two main concerns: whether their bank account balance is positive; and if they’ll get their business income and expense information to the accountant in time for their annual tax return.

The problem with this approach is that by the time you discover there’s a problem with your company’s financial performance, it may be too late. Taking corrective measures early on will vastly improve your chances of success.

There are three types of financial statements you should be familiar with:

1. Income statement: this shows the income and expenses the company has incurred over a given period of time.

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Are you managing change in your business or are you Leading change?

There is a difference. You can manage systems and processes, but you have to lead your key stakeholders.

Any change in your business constitutes some type of transition: decreased revenue, increased sales and revenues, introduction of new products, staffing changes – these are just a few examples where transitions may be taking place.

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Do you have a smartphone or tablet you would like to use more effectively in your business? Here is a collection of 8 mobile apps that can help you whether you are in the office or on the go.

Want to turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile cash register? Square lets users take credit card payments for a flat fee of 2.75% per swipe. It supplies customers with a free card reader and free point of sale tools.

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As your work day begins, thoughts of productivity swirl with tasks to complete, projects to explore and people to contact.

All good intentions until your eyes gaze down upon distractions with clutter brimming all over your desk. A mishmash of pens, highlighters, staplers, hole punches, receipts, papers, magazines, files and notes scribbled on an assortment of stationery strewn in piles. As well the perimeter of your desk is compromised by the invasion of toys, sewing materials, clothing, an octopus of cables, dusty antiquated electronics, recipe books and an endless supply of photos accompanied with empty photo albums. Not exactly the most desirable place of productivity.

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1. Understand what business you are really in

Knowing what business are you actually in, is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Being an exceptional technician at what you sell (products or services) will not guarantee success. But knowing how to articulate why your market should care about what you sell, will. Now imagine if you could be an exceptional technician and an exceptional business developer?