I get this question a lot and the answer is always “it depends.”

The best way to share any content, no matter what media type, is to keep the original source link with the content.

It’s all about promoting someone else’s content and showing yourself or your brand as an expert curator on a topic, rather than claiming that content as your own. The benefit is two-fold: you save time by using images that already exist, and you demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse in your arena.

Here are 3 ways to legally share content for your brand:

Did you know clutter in a workspace is actually a distraction to your productivity? It weighs you down, it disrupts your thinking and creates an invitation to chaos.

Here are five tips to simplify your workspace

1. Get rid of unnecessary knickknacks and office accessories. They are distractions, create clutter and reduce your focus. Bookshelves, closets, and containers are great for storage.

2. Access folders quickly by using a vertical desktop file sorter instead of stacking papers. Colour coding each folder by topic will provide a great visual for folders you access regularly.

In my career, I help people get unstuck. To see someone reach their highest and best self gives me goose bumps. So when I heard about EI and its benefits, I had to check it out. I immediately saw its potential, became passionate about it and now want to share it with everyone who’ll listen. Why? Because EI is the ticket for you to: feel good about yourself, stand up for your beliefs, manage stress, create healthy relationships and have sky-high efficiency.

Are you salivating yet, chomping at the bit? Saying, “Tell me what it is – I have to know!”

Alright then.

Often, when women hear themselves on TV or Radio, they’re dismayed. “Does my voice really sound that high?” Yes-- and no. Our own voice does sound deeper to us than what others hear, but the real culprit is something you can control.

The talent wars are making a come-back and employee retention will represent the most important competitive edge a business has. If your company has the best talent in your industry, if you’re not spending thousands of dollars on replacing key staff, if you are the magnet for employees – just imagine that competitive edge.

Where to start? Business owners are innundated with “best employer practices” and there are countless examples to follow, but here are some key pieces and sample best practices in this complex puzzle.

Here’s a recap of the steps so far providing exceptional customer service:

1. Manage customer expectations in advance of your customer making a purchase. It will reduce customer upsets substantially.

2. When a customer  expresses an issue, actively listen by recapping what they have said and address their feelings.

3. Listen to the entire story following the active listening process.