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We all want to look polished and professional when we are in front of an audience. You can do simple things to make that possible.

Here are some tips:

  • Avoid filler words

Many people use filler words when speaking. Filler words include any word that is not necessary in your communication such as ah, um, like, so. The problem with filler words is that they detract from your message. If used repetitively, the filler words will be all an audience hears! The use of filler words is a learned habit. The good thing is about a learned habit is, it can be unlearned too.

One of my favorite local restaurants suffered a major fire damage last year due to an electrical failure next door. For two months the restaurant was boarded up, and eventually closed down.

Unexpected business emergencies happen. Even though you cannot avoid them, you can impact the way you rise above these events by being prepared and protected. There are a few questions businesses can ask to manage risks:

Brand protection has become increasingly complex. Every brand should have an online presence, so for Canadian businesses, at least the .com and .ca domain names should be protected. Read more about What Domains Canadian Small Businesses Should Have.

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You can tweet, post, pin, plus one it or share. Overwhelmed yet? How do you still manage a business without getting overwhelmed with everything you need to do on Social Media? This is one of the most commonly asked questions from business owners.

For businesses that want to leverage the power of social media without losing their minds, here are a few tips:

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During the last week of May, I was hired to make a presentation for Canada Life, a large insurance company that sells living benefits. They hired me to deliver my new keynote speech, “Selling Insurance – How to Avoid Leaving Money on the Table” during their five-city, five-day road show.

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If you think the above four words are the beginning of a children’s rhyme, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. They are four words that should be uppermost in the mind of everyone who calls themselves a ‘networker’. In my capacity as Membership Recruitment Associate for the University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft, I attend approximately 4 networking events per month. Here are my steps for productive and effective networking.