“I get mail; therefore I am.” ~ Scott Adams

My inbox explodes every time I am away either for a conference, a speaking gig or just some ‘me’ time! Recently, when I came back to my office after attending a personal event on the weekend and then a two day conference, I found my inbox hit the 1500+ mark. Enough!

I declared “Inbox Detox” and that I would have a zero inbox. Easily said, not easily done.
Here’s what I did.

1. I Unsubscribed.

Mentoring is the key to unlocking hidden potential. We know that Mentoring is not just a North American phenomenon. Globally, organizations are recognizing mentoring as crucial to women’s growth and success.

This is even more the case in developing countries. In India, while the number of women employees is around 29 percent in the workforce at junior levels, it drops to about 9 percent at senior levels. So, what can change such situations? Just one word – Mentoring!

You’re considering establishing or buying an existing business in a town or region. Or you’re moved to a new town and want to start a business. Congratulations!

What are smart steps you can take to help your company succeed?

First, do some marketing research, on-line and in person. When you’re ready, consider connecting with one or more of the following:

Business owners should ask the following questions when choosing accounting program:

Self-improvement is impossible without self-awareness; it’s the starting point. Understanding your own needs, beliefs, desires, strengths, weaknesses - everything that makes you tick; everything that makes you unique is critical.

In my last blog, What Really Matters! I discussed the second emotional intelligence competency, Self-Actualization.
Let’s move onto the third competency, Emotional Self-Awareness

By now most of us know that networking is an essential part of entrepreneurial success. However, those of us not blessed with natural networking skills need a strategy to get the most out of the practice. One component of a successful networking plan is buddy networking. The key to making the buddy approach work for you is to select the right partner or partners, because there’s no rule about only having one networking buddy, and to follow through with your plans.