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The connection between financial literacy and business growth cannot be under-estimated.

Do you understand your financial statements and review them on a regular basis – or do you avoid them all together?

Many entrepreneurs take a “head in the sand” approach to the financial side of their business and end up down a path they never expected. If you don’t have regular check-ups, how will you know if you are financially fit?

During these sessions you will learn how to:

  • Speak more comfortably with your bookkeeper, accountant and banker
  • Assess the financial health of your business and proactively manage your cash flow so you can sleep at night
  • Evaluate the financial impact of business decisions (e.g. pricing changes)

Program Format

Groups of six to eight women meet for six, two hour meetings with a volunteer mentor who has their CPA designation.

The mentor will ensure that members work together – fostering a cohesive and comfortable group of women, who are there to listen, brainstorm and provide support for each other. The mentor also helps mentees build new skills and knowledge in a confidential environment.

Program cost: $150

Kaitlyn McConnell
Peer Mentoring Coordinator

Mentoring Session Topics

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding your financial statements – can you spot mistakes or inconsistencies?
  • Preparing pro forma cash flow statements – do you know what your financing needs are?
  • Financial contingency planning – what are the potential risks in your business?
  • How profitable are each of your products – do you have the right mix?
  • How do price changes impact the profitability of your business?
  • How should you fund business growth?

Upcoming Group Locations

Financial Fitness Peer Mentoring is starting soon in the following communities:

  • Vancouver | Brandi Wingrove – Partner, KPMG – FULL, Applications Closed
  • Kelowna | Lynn Wong  – Associate Partner, Crowe MacKay – FULL, Applications Closed
  • Victoria | Lenora Lee – Partner,  KPMG – FULL, Applications Closed
  • Langley | Tara Pederson – Manager, BDO – FULL, Applications Closed

Up to 8 mentees per group. Group start dates will be confirmed once all applications have been processed.

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Our Peer Mentoring Program is funded in part by:

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Ministry Responsible for Labour

Our Mentoring program is sponsored in part by:

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