Growing your Business

Make the growth decisions that are right for you.

There's a lot to think about when growing your business.  It's not always easy to overcome the many challenges you face, and sometimes it helps to have an objective set of eyes to work with you. That's where Women's Enterprise Centre resources and Business Advisors come in.

Our team understands and relates to the unique circumstances of women business owners. Our experienced business advisors can provide you with tools and confidence through a supportive, individual and practical approach. We offer advice for business challenges and growth strategies, as well as marketing and financial issues.

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Ways to grow your business

Increased sales or profits are the usual things that come to mind when one says business growth. Business growth, however, may also mean changing to maintain current sales or profits. For example, you may need to grow new clients because a major, steady client has left. You may need to introduce new products or services or stop offering some current ones based on changes in market demands. In both these cases you may not be increasing your sales or profits, just changing your business to maintain what you have.  Growth can also mean entering into a mutually beneficial partnership or gaining access to new markets regionally, nationally or internationally.

Supplier diversity

Supplier diversity is a practice that is becoming increasingly popular among large Canadian and international companies that wish to enhance the economic participation of traditionally under-utilized businesses. The list of Fortune 1000 companies with established supplier diversity programs is long... and growing. In Canada, a business can qualify as a diverse supplier if they are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women.

As a business owner looking to grow your business, supplier diversity opens a door of opportunity for you to take your business to the next level. Identifying as a diverse supplier, either through a certification process or by self-registering, is the first step in connecting your business to new supply chain opportunities. To learn more about supplier diversity, visit

Further resources

Information and resources for operating your business can be found by visiting our on-line resource library. Some topics to consider include marketing, operations, financial management and growth.