One-to-One Mentoring

Through One-to-One Mentoring, Women’s Enterprise Centre brings women who are in the early stages of business together with experienced women business owners to create successful mentoring relationships.

The purpose of One-to-One Mentoring is for entrepreneurs to learn to manage risk, to receive feedback, to open doors and develop their capabilities and skills within a framework of support.

Mentors offer their knowledge and expertise to help their Mentee learn and grow. The voluntary sharing of knowledge, experiences, challenges and successes are the keys to a successful One-to-One Mentoring relationship.

Our program is currently under review, pending funding. You can still apply and if funding permits, we will contact you with an update on the 2016 mentoring program rollout.

Before you apply, please review the program eligibility requirements.

For more information about One-to-One Mentoring, please visit our FAQ’s.