Youth Success Stories

The entrepreneurs featured below are an inspiration to young women all over BC who are in pursuit of owning their own business; each took a chance at a young age and followed their dream.

 Amber Murphy Owner, Purple Dragon International Karate

Amber Murphy has a passion for martial arts. She started her studies at 16, and taught Purple Dragon in a church as a volunteer. She decided to turn her passion into a career and now has her own academy, a franchise of the Purple Dragon International Karate Jiu Jitsu Association..

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 Heather Callahan Fernie Athletic Therapy and Rehabilitation

Mention the town of Fernie in the south-eastern corner of British Columbia, and many people think of skiing, hockey, snowboarding and many other winter activities that attract people to this popular spot...

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  Carlie Smith – Portobello West Market

Carlie Smith was quite young when she started her first business; in fact she was just a little girl at the time. While other entrepreneurial children were setting up roadside lemonade stands, she took her childhood endeavor to the next level by focusing on location, location, location!

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  Sara Moshurchak - Granville EYELAND Framemakers

Nine years ago while attending Douglas College in Vancouver, Sara Moshurchak met Klaus Sebök, owner of Granville EYELAND Framemakers. That very same day she turned to a friend and...

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