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Chaos is what happens when you do not have a definitive path with a course of action to follow. Reactions to every circumstance are impulsive; responses are spontaneous and lead to quick conclusions. Instead of looking for a solution the chaotic businesses choose to stay in the problem.

How do I stop chaos?

Chaos loves clutter, excessive materials, damaged and antiquated equipment as well as a sloppy work environment. The more chaos is allowed to control your environment, the more disorder, scarcity and unpredictability will be created.

Where to start managing your office?

Start by creating systems and procedures customize to your business and style of work. Systems provide structure to your business. Processes are developed from systems that give procedures the necessary step by step instructions to reach the end result.

When do Systems and Procedures start to organize your office?

To understand how all these factors work in conjunction, follow this formula:

  • Outline a step-by-step process
  • Establish instructions for each step
  • Assign procedures to a qualified individual to follow the instructions
  • Analyse outcomes

A system might have several sub-sections. For example, in accounting there are sub-sections with titles such as Receivables, Payables, shipping or inventory. Each sub-section creates their set of process instructions. Each section has their procedures and assigned to qualified individuals to carry out the process instructions to achieve the necessary outcome.

Follow the formula and your business will stay organized. Say good bye to chaos.

Cathy Burrell

Cathy Burrell is the owner of Cavern Retail Consulting in White Rock BC. She is a Retail Consultant and Social Media Coach. She works with busy business owners who like most people, know very little about Social Media but are curious how they can use it to grow their business. Follow her on Twitter @CathyCavern

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