Taking the Stage®: A Humphrey Group Program Used Under License

Photo of Dawn McCooey, Taking the Stage FacilitatorDawn McCooey

Taking the Stage® is a powerful program developed by The Humphrey Group Inc. to help women achieve a confident leadership presence. While the program is traditionally only available to women in large corporations, thanks to The Humphrey Group’s generous support Women’s Enterprise Centre is now pleased to be able to offer it to individuals, women in business, or those women who are thinking about starting a business.

If you feel uncomfortable in situations where the spotlight is focused on you or you just aren’t sure how to fully project your leadership qualities, then this program could be exactly what you need. Taking the Stage® will help you to become a strong, confident leader by teaching you to speak with strength on any ‘stage’– from boardrooms to meeting rooms, from town halls to phone calls.

Taking the Stage® consists of groups of 6 to 10 women who meet for four dynamic monthly sessions led by a volunteer facilitator in your community. These four video-based learning modules serve as the basis for rich group discussion and strong networking opportunities.

The sessions cover:

  1. Choose to Take the Stage: Focuses on achieving a leadership presence. You will learn
    to adopt a new, braver mindset: one that enables women to stand out and be heard.
  2. Create a Strong Script: Explains how to create a clear message – whether giving a presentation at a trade show or making a phone call. You will learn how to avoid apologetic and self-deprecating expressions and to communicate using strong words of a leader.
  3. Unlock the Power of Your Voice: Shows women how to develop the strong, confident voice of a leader. You will discover how to get your points across without sounding defensive or tentative.
  4.  Achieve a Leader's Presence: Shows you how to achieve a strong, leadership presence through eye contact, pace, body language and voice.

The Humphrey Group Inc. LogoThis program is made possible thanks to The Humphrey Group, funding from the Province of BC, and a network of volunteer facilitators.

To preview this program and to see the global reach of Taking the Stage®, click here.

Currently, we are accepting applications for the Taking the Stage® program. When there are enough registrations for a full group in your community we will be able to launch Taking the Stage® in your area.

We're currently offering Taking the Stage® in these communities:

If the group in your area is full, you can still apply and we'll notify you if another group starts in your community!





® Taking the Stage is a registered trademark of The Humphrey Group Inc. Used under license by Women's Enterprise Centre.

This project has been funded in part by:

BC Ministry of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction