Getting Financing for Your Business

These resources will help you understand your financing options, increase your financial literacy and address the financial aspects of your business plan.

The Canada Revenue Agency’s website provides electronic access to the majority of the Agency’s public information holdings, including forms, publications, and guides.  This website provides information, services, and applications that help promote compliance with Canada’s tax, trade, and border legislation and regulations.

Date: 2018/01/01

A guide to preparing a winning loan request. How to Get a Business Loan is published by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

Link: BDC
Date: 2016/09/07

Starting a business takes both money and knowledge. We’re here to help you find money for your impact business and to support you in accessing it. Get started on the following paths to find sources of money and resources to help put it to good use. From your friends at

Date: 2016/06/21

Contrary to popular belief, grants for business start-ups are few and far between. However, there are some funding sources (including grants) for specific purposes, for which you may be eligible. When looking into small business grants, remember: You should never have to pay for grant information!

Date: 2015/10/29

A cash flow projection reflects factors such as terms extended to customers, supplier terms, seasonal variations, and other factors that influence when cash will actually come.  A break-even analysis examines the interaction of fixed costs, variable costs, price, and unit volume to help you determine what combination of elements is necessary to break even. It […]

Date: 2015/10/29

This pre-made excel spreadsheet makes available templates for income statements and balance sheets.  These statements are helpful tools for understanding revenues versus expenses, and assets versus liabilities, providing the business owner with an understanding of their financial position.

Date: 2015/10/29

Equifax online can provide you with your credit report and score.

Link: Equifax
Date: 2015/10/29

One of the most invaluable and often neglected tools of running a business is the maintenance of a bookkeeping system. Often “doing the books” is the last item a small business owner wants to deal with, but the information that can be provided by creating financial statements is often the lifesaver of a business. Financial […]

Date: 2015/10/29

This pre-made excel spreadsheet is available to track total monthly inflows and outflows of cash.  This version contains pre-calculated cells to automatically sum totals.  A cash flow statement is a helpful tool in visualizing where and when cash is coming in or going out.

Date: 2015/10/29

So you need money to start or expand your business. But the prospect of seeking financing can be daunting. Where do you start?  What types of financing are available?  There are many good sources from which you can borrow money for your business (debt financing) or get investors (equity financing).  First, figure out how much […]

Date: 2015/10/29
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