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Buying or Selling a Business

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Thinking of Buying a Business

Prospective buyers see an operating business and tend to think that they can simply buy it and it will continue to operate as it does under the ownership of the seller. As a buyer, you might imagine the business will allow you to be your own boss, pay you a great salary, raise your self-esteem, afford you an attractive lifestyle, and eventually make you rich. If you are thinking about buying a business, set asideimportant timeto considerthe information in this document.

Date: 06/16/2011
Buying a Business

Why buy?  There are many reasons for buying a business.  Buying a business can take time and it certainly involves new risk. In making the purchase you are assuming new responsibilities toward those who helped you finance the deal, toward any employees working for the business, to its suppliers and to its clients. In the short term, that may pose a real challenge. Over the longer term, it may turn into a profitable opportunity.

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Date: 06/16/2011
Business Acquisition Checklist

Buyer beware!  Before buying a business, be sure to complete this checklist.  It is a guide to aid prospective buyers in all aspects of the purchase from understanding the deal to analysis of revenue to projections for the future.

Date: 06/16/2011
Selling Your Business

There are many reasons why you as a business owner may want to sell your company. In many cases, selling out may have been your ultimate goal all along, part of a plan to provide for retirement. In other cases, selling is reflection of changed markets, changed personal circumstances, or changing objectives.  It may also be areflection not of success,but of acute difficulty.  The first step in effecting the sale of a business is to decide whether or not you want to sell, and if so, why.

Date: 06/16/2011
Valuing the Business

After deciding to buy or sell a business, the subject of "how much" becomes important. Determining the value of a business is one of the most difficult aspects of any transaction, since every business is unique.  Ask appraisers the value of your business and they will respond, "What's the purpose of the valuation?"  Valuation methods -- and therefore values -- vary depending on the reason for the valuation. Different techniques can be used to arrive at different values, and each of the values may be correct for a specific situation.

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Date: 06/16/2011
Problems in Managing a Family Owned Business

In some family companies, control of daily operations is a problem. In others, a high turnover rate among non-family members is a problem. In still other companies, growth is a problem because some of the relatives are unwilling to plough profits back into the business. This publication discusses such problems from the viewpoint of the family member who is the company's manager. It offers suggestions that should help you to manage effectively and profitably.

Date: 06/16/2011
OneStop Business Registry

Starting, expanding, or moving a business? The OneStop Business Registry is a public sector partnership offering integrated registration,business address change and liquor licensing services based on the Business Number. Register for GST/HST, WorkSafe BC, corporate registry, and municipal business licenses.

Date: 04/13/2011
Invest British Columbia

The single source for investors interested in BC business location information and services.

Date: 11/08/2010