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Taking the Leap to Entrepreneurship

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This guide is not meant to cover the “nuts and bolts” of starting a business—there are other tools for that. Instead, we will explore the internal process and offer inspiration. Each section contains a list of additional resources, but don’t limit yourself to these. This guide is meant to educate and support women who are making the transition to self-employment.

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Starting your Business

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From drafting a business plan to finding start-up money, this guide will help explain what you need to know in order to start a business and where you can find resources and information to support you along the way. You will also meet inspirational BC women who generously share their own business experiences throughout this guide.

Pour démarrer votre entreprise

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Growing your Business

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This guide will explain some of the major considerations in growing your business. It will provide some tools to help you decide what growth means to you, how to ready yourself for change, and how to become a strategist – to think about where you really want your business to grow and how to get there. It will give you key pointers on subjects that women who have expanded their businesses have identified as critical to their growth. Along the way, you will meet inspirational BC women who share their own personal experiences.

Faire Croître Une Entreprise