Some of BC’s most enterprising women share stories, lessons and insights about what they did and learned in the process of growing their own businesses.

Michela Quilici, Q. Consulting, Vancouver

Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici’s desire to help others transcend their business obstacles stemmed from her own experiences when she overcame several personal and psychological challenges and emerged stronger. Today, because of her courage and initiative, she has created a niche for herself. She is a marketing strategist, author, speaker, and Ghost CEO™ business development advisor at Q. […]

Minna Van, The Network Hub

Minna Van

The idea for creating a business space for entrepreneurs came to Minna Van, when as a young entrepreneur she and her partners found it tough to be taken seriously because they were regarded as having no experience or little credit history. Learning from her own experience, Van and her partners launched The Network Hub in […]

Rita Kim, Partners for Growth, Vancouver

Rita Kim

With over 20 years of finance and consulting experience, Rita Kim knows the importance of initiative, motivation and true leadership. Kim spent ten years in the retail industry, shifted into overseas consulting and then moved into the Banking industry. She spent 10 years structuring finance and consulting (strategy, sales and business development) solutions for hundreds […]

Sara Moshurchak – Granville EYELAND Framemakers

Sara Moshurchak

Nine years ago while attending Douglas College in Vancouver, Sara Moshurchak met Klaus Sebök, owner of Granville EYELAND Framemakers. That very same day she turned to a friend and announced that one day she would become the owner of Sebök’s business. It might have been intuitive foresight or an instant connection with her teacher, but […]

Mal Paterson,

Mal Paterson

Six years ago, Mal Paterson and her husband came to Canada from South Africa. In order to settle into their new country they had to come up with a business idea quickly as it was a condition of their immigration. While searching out business possibilities, they discovered that Canada did not have a favourite South […]

Mary Johnston, Watermatters

Mary Johnston

Although Mary Johnston attributes her success in business to being at the right place at the right time, there is no denying the research and work she put into developing her business water matters. Five and a half years ago, when Johnston was planning to sell water treatment devices from her home, she realized that […]

Lee Foulds Andrews, Prince George

Lee Foulds Andrews

Lee Foulds Andrews has been a lifelong learner. She has spent almost 30 years in the financial industry helping clients make informed financial decisions. Her experience included property insurance broker and a mortgage specialist. Her success in the financial sector has been largely due to her profound financial knowledge and the relationships she has built […]

Leilani Kopp & Tana McNicol, Sweet Leilani

Leilani Kopp & Tana McNicol

Building a successful business can be tremendously gratifying, but when the venture helps countless women, men and children who suffer silently from the effects of cancer, burns or birthmarks, the entrepreneurial experience becomes infinitely rewarding. Eight year’s ago, LeiLani Kopp’s career as a hair and makeup artist in film and commercials didn’t leave much time […]

Eva Hernandez, Function d’Eva

Eva Hernandez

With a background in business administration, Eva Hernandez could have easily stayed with a secure job in the financial sector. Yet, motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit and attracted by the flexibility and work/life balance that business ownership offered, she launched her event management company Function d’Eva in 2005 in Nelson, BC. Her company mainly works […]

Fran & Emma Kupiak, Big Rock Bags

Fran & Emma Kupiak

What happens when there is a need that is not being met by current retailers? For the mother and daughter team of Fran and Emma Kupiak, it means there’s a niche in the market and they want to be the ones to fill it. Emma Kupiak’s need for a hip, yet functional, book bag for […]