Michela Quilici, Q. Consulting, Vancouver

Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici’s desire to help others transcend their business obstacles stemmed from her own experiences when she overcame several personal and psychological challenges and emerged stronger. Today, because of her courage and initiative, she has created a niche for herself. She is a marketing strategist, author, speaker, and Ghost CEO™ business development advisor at Q. Consulting.

Prior to founding her own company in 2010, she worked for over a decade in senior marketing management positions in the corporate world, including an award-winning online company she co-founded and several multi-million-dollar Internet businesses. As a successful entrepreneur now, she teaches business owners how to market themselves effectively, build systems for predictable growth , identify their roadblocks and support them to create results-focused solutions that clear away the clutter and generate success.

Quilici is a firm believer in empowering women. “The Taking the Stage program is vital to building a dynamic community of authentic and effective leaders and provides women with both the mindset and the right tools to become a confident and impactful leader.” Speaking about her experience as a participant in the program, she said,” This program has given me the practical and hands-on tools to learn how to take the stage mentally, verbally, vocally and physically.”