Sara Moshurchak – Granville EYELAND Framemakers

Sara Moshurchak

Nine years ago while attending Douglas College in Vancouver, Sara Moshurchak met Klaus Sebök, owner of Granville EYELAND Framemakers. That very same day she turned to a friend and announced that one day she would become the owner of Sebök’s business. It might have been intuitive foresight or an instant connection with her teacher, but today Moshurchak is indeed the owner of Granville EYELAND Framemakers.

After graduating from Douglas College’s Dispensing Optician Program, Moshurchak made a smart move and went to work for the business that she dreamed of one day owning. Being able to learn the in’s and out’s of the operations led her to where she is now.

“After working with Klaus in his business for seven years, we started discussing the possibility of me purchasing the business from him. It was an ideal situation; the customers knew me and I was very knowledgeable about the business operations and financials,” says Moshurchak.

Last spring, with the help of Women’s Enterprise Centre’s empowerment lending program, the deal went through and Moshurchak’s prediction from years ago came true.

“I went to every bank in Vancouver; some weren’t interested in my type of business venture and others saw it as another liability. Women’s Enterprise Centre saw it as an investment and was genuinely interested in seeing the purchase happen and to see the business grow,” acknowledges Moshurchak. “Their confidence in me and support was so refreshing after being turned down by many other lenders. They bent over backwards to help this deal happen.”

Despite the current economic uncertainty Moshurchak is optimistic about her business and is keeping one eye focused on the future.

“People are holding onto their dollars a bit tighter, but the bottom line is that they still want to have a great pair of glasses, so we are still searching the world for materials to make our own unique frames that are exclusive to the store,” says Moshurchak. “In the new year, I’m looking forward to doing some re-branding, but for the moment I’m focusing on growing the business and paying down my business loan.”

As the new owner of the retail optical store with an in-house lab, design studio and sight testing facilities, Moshurchak is taking advantage of all the support she can get. She has not only the advice of her business advisor through Women’s Enterprise Centre but also the support of the very man from whom she bought the business. She was able to hire Sebök back on in order to continue learning and benefiting from his knowledge and experience as she settles into her new role.
“Surround yourself with supportive people and network with others who have what you want to create,” recommends Moshurchak. “The advice they can offer you is priceless.”