4 Tips to Make Twitter Less Confusing

Are you confused about how to make Twitter work for your business? Here are 4 tips to get you started:

1. Consciously grow your followers – Waiting for people to come to you is old school marketing. You need to go where people are, by searching for them through keywords, other followers, by location, even by competitors’ names. The more followers you have, the more eyes you have on what you are tweeting.

2. Schedule your marketing on Twitter – Strategically planning and scheduling how and when you will roll out your marketing on Twitter is key. Your plan should include a combination of brand (personality) building tweets and marketing for your most recent promotion.

3. Engage more than you market – Although #2 is about planning your marketing & scheduling it, the actual “money” on Twitter (and any social media platform) is investing in relationships. You need to engage more than you sell. Consumers no longer connect with businesses that are always trying to sell to them. So… be curious, see value in small talk, be real and genuine in what you tweet to build relationships.

4. Remember that NOT everyone is your client – but they may know some that is! Although you may have the best product, service, or even smile… not everyone needs what you have to offer. Twitter is about increasing your touch point connections in the mosaic of how business is built.

Shauna Harper

Shauna Harper is a mentor for Women’s Enterprise Centre and a business coach for creative entrepreneurs . Due to her obsession with online marketing and the “little blue bird”, she teaches entrepreneurs how to strategically use Twitter to grow their businesses.

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