5 Best Free Apps for Startups for 2018

As a startup in this digital age, you bet that there are creative solutions out there to help entrepreneurs save time, money, or headache. Here are our top 5.


Vidyard (Chrome extension) captures videos and uploads it for you. You share the link to the video/upload it directly into Gmail or Youtube. With one click, you capture video of what is happening on your screen. As a technology startup, we mainly use this for demonstrations to clients to showing bugs to the development team. Example: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/Qwm9VwRj5udCNZ74Evwd86


Hellosign is a digital way to sign contracts. You can use the web version for free at www.hellosign.com. You sign your signature and email it to others to sign too. It saves us a lot of time and money!


Paperspan is a very interesting app that instantly downloads webpages/articles to save offline and reads it out loud to you later. It’s perfect to catch up on reading and research during transport such as in airplanes, subways, or even just walking.


Entrepreneurs don’t always know how to use social media. Crowdfire’s free trial (100 posts) helps post cross Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The premium paid package includes other mediums. We used this and saw instant success:
Twitter 400–900 followers
Instagram 1–500 followers
Facebook boost engagement

The app teaches users to like similar topics, know when to repost, maximize exposure and drive traffic to their website.


“Tinder for LinkedIn,” Shapr allows you to select and match people’s profile. It is great for B2B businesses like VenturX because it targets keywords and job titles. VenturX would be interested in: “CEO, Founder, or Investor.” We receive the closest 20 job-related daily picks from our geographical area and talk to them when there is a match. Also, users can “ask them for a coffee meeting” in order to encourage offline meetings. I loved this app so much that I tweeted a testimonial!

So there you have it! You are well on your way to boost your startup with a bang in 2018!

Sydney Wong

Sydney Wong is the founder of VenturX an affordable startup success tracker that focuses on early stage startups who want an operational view of their Product Market Fit, Conversion, Real-Time Runway, and Engagement. It even connects to investors who favour analytics and metrics at the startup stage. Find more on her blog here.

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