5 Cost-effective PR Strategies

Media & PR isn’t always a high priority, but if you’re looking to promote yourself then you need to start working on your strategy now. Don’t wait until you need some instant attention.

So what can you do that’s manageable and inexpensive, but productive?

  • Know your message
    First make sure you take some time to be really clear about the message you are trying to communicate. Unless you know exactly what you want to say, others won’t know what to say for you.
  • Target niche media
    The general media can be challenging as everybody is trying to get their attention. While their audience is broad, the number who are specifically relevant to you as potential customers may be low. Instead, try to look for any niche media that fits your industry or customer demographic well and start building strong relationships with 1-3 publications (print or online).
  • Use social media
    It takes some time but using social media to carry your message and to connect with others can be a very cost-effective way to increase your reach. Whether it is potential customers, your niche media or finding people to network or cross-promote, social media can be a goldmine of opportunities.
  • Cross-promote
    Building a team to collaborate and share opportunities to work together can really help to increase your reach and reduce the efforts/costs to you personally. Look for people trying to reach the same demographic or with a similar business interest (e.g. other people trying to market to young families or other people who are also in the outdoor recreation business).
  • Network
    Networking can build relationships with people who will spread the word about your business. Networking can also put you in touch with great suppliers, quality sub-contractors or business services and potential customers. The most important factor when it comes to networking is to keep an open mind – you never know what a connection may bring you.

Start doing a little bit on a regular basis for results!

Clare Adams

Clare Adams is the owner of Bigger Bubbles Marketing in Coquitlam. Bigger Bubbles Marketing is a niche media & PR consultancy that works specifically with the parenting and family media across Canada, helping businesses who are trying to target the family market. Learn more here: www.biggerbubbles.com or check out Clare’s weekly articles at www.momincmovement.com

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