5 Instant Energy Boosters

Entrepreneurship can be taxing on our body and mind.

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a seasoned pro , we are juggling multiple priorities daily, which leaves most high-performers with depleting energy levels.

Lack of energy is not just about being exhausted physically. It may also translate to mental lack of energy which may look like boredom, feeling irritated with little things, snapping at people unnecessarily and in some cases even as anger.

Do you know how lack of energy affects your body and mind? Start observing yourself and examine your triggers and reactions.

That’s a great first step. But you need energy boosters as well.

So here are 5 ways to instantly energize yourself and make the most of your day.

1. Deep breath:

We barely realise how shallow our breath is until we consciously note our breath. Shallow breathing means lack of oxygen in the blood stream, which equals tiredness and lack of focus.

Take several 30 sec breaks throughout the day to deep breath.

There are several ways of doing this. My favorite way is to breath in for 5 secs, hold for 1 and breath out for 7. The gush of oxygen will instantly lift you up- guaranteed!

2. Drink water:

Our blood is 83% water, brains 90% water and even our bones are 22% water!
Did you know, by the time we realise we are thirsty our body is already dehydrated; and that drains energy!
Have a large glass of water when feeling low on energy.

3. Get away from what you are doing:

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but most likely the task you are involved in is what is draining your energy levels. We get so caught up / stressed out sometimes, that it drains our energy. Stepping away briefly will reduce the stress and energize you.

4. Snack on a combination of carbs, fat and protein:

Proteins and fat help balance out the blood sugar levels, which means stable energy levels, better focus and productivity. Examples: apple with nut butters, veggies with hummus, toast and eggs etc.

5. Mind your thoughts:

Negative thoughts, stress and worry are energy zappers. Examine your thoughts the next time you feel low. What are you worrying about? What is stressing you out? Are those thoughts true? Are they necessary?

We generally worry about things that are either never going to happen or have already happened in the past. Neither is in our control.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.
Keep it simple and easy, because that is more effective and sustainable in the long term.

Tanuja Dabir

Tanuja Dabir is a Mind-Body Transformer & Digestion Whiz, with background in Holistic Nutrition. She is the owner of Saakori Lifestyle in Vancouver, where she empowers burnt-out high-achievers get their mojo back by helping them reconnect with their true self & nourishing their body and mind optimally, so that you are High-Energy, Healthy and Happy once again. With her proven nutrition, mindset and lifestyle hacks, Tanuja equips you to: ● FUEL : your body, mind and soul right ● FUN : weaved into your daily life, instead of waiting for that once a year vacation. ● FREEDOM: from dietary deprivation, pain both mental and physical, & self-sabotaging habits Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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