6 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Have a Mentor

Entrepreneurship is exhilarating! Entrepreneurs are confident, optimistic passionate and determined self-starters. Yet, working solo can be very challenging.

Entrepreneurs, freshly picked or well-seasoned, can benefit from working with a mentor who can play a major role in their continued personal and professional development. Here are six reasons why mentors are important to your business success.

Mentorship is a relationship of learning that develops over time, toggling between the past (experiences and knowledge) and the future (visioning and strategic thinking). The importance of celebrating wins and learning from mistakes grounds the basis for this relationship.

Friends, colleagues and loved ones don’t make for the best sounding boards. The job of a mentor is to become a think partner to challenge perspective and provide unbiased feedback.

Working with a partner creates accountability. It works at the gym with a trainer, in business with a coach and with a mentor allows the mentee to affirm their intentions, increase self-discipline and follow through.

Once the mentor knows the story, the “why” behind entrepreneurial adventure, the mentor becomes the keel in stormy weather and assists in grounding decisions so that they always point back to the mentee’s core beliefs and values.

A mentor comes with his or her own experiences, connections and insight. The mentee has a choice to listen, learn, implement and to leverage these insights. Often a mentor has the ability to connect the mentee to valuable resources that are profoundly timely.

Chances are the duo will have more in common than just a particular industry; the mentor/mentee may share professional development goals and personal aspirations. This can allow for a reciprocal mentorship in an organic way, where both parties share in the processes of giving back.

A mentor can be a key to your business growth. Look for mentoring programs that are available in your community including the Women’s Enterprise Centre mentoring program.

Deborah Richardson

Deborah has been an entrepreneur her whole life. She is strategic thinkpartner, equal parts a creative and critical thinker. She is a design-thinking enthusiast, Certified Executive Coach and Designing Your Life Coach. Design-thinking became part of Deborah’s methodology many years ago as it combines ideation, strategy and prototyping. It is the process of solving complex challenges and it couples well with Deborah’s intuitive strategic thinking style. Deborah has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs facing reinvention of their lives, careers and businesses, bringing her creative signature style to spark and challenge new thinking. Deborah is a dynamic speaker and lights up the room or a conversation with her energy and engagement. She is always rooting into the deeper meaning of things to make sure that the focus is on what really matters.

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3 responses to “6 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Have a Mentor”

  1. Sheila says:

    Yes I sincerely would love to have a Mentor????‍♀️

    • Sheila, there are many ways to go about it, there are program like WEC that team you up and there is a process of also finding one for yourself. Also check out MentorshipBC for a list of mentoring programs offered. If you would like assistance and some coaching visit my website

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