6 Steps to Freshen Up Your Website

The task of updating your website can be intimidating. Many business owners think they need to defer any changes or updates to web developers. The truth is there are simple things you can do to update your website and make it an enjoyable place for your customers to visit.

Here are six steps you can take to freshen up your website:

  1. Read through your website. Check that the information is current. Do you refer to a new product as “coming soon in 2012”?
  2. Check your links. As you’re moving through the website, click on every link you find. Does it go somewhere that makes sense—or anywhere at all? Also look for places where links could be added. Instead of telling people to click on your “Products” tab, lead them to check out your great products.
  3. Review your “About Us” page. Depending on how long it’s been since your last update, your business may have evolved significantly. Make sure you include who you are, who you help, and what your company does for them. Revisiting your business’ story may inspire you, too.
  4. Verify your contact information. Ensure that your address, email, phone number, and business hours are current and easy to find.
  5. Archive or delete old pages. You don’t want visitors to have to scroll through endless pages of e-Newsletters to find what they’re looking for. Consider creating an “Archives” page for older information that customers may still want to access. If a page is just plain old and irrelevant—delete it!
  6. Update photos. It’s amazing how new images can transform a website.

Just as cleaning your house allows you to clear your head and start fresh, doing a clean sweep of your website can be motivating. It may reconnect you with your online presence or generate some new ideas. One thing’s for sure, it will show customers you’re a professional and help them connect with you.

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