8 Key Mobile Apps for Business Owners

Do you have a smartphone or tablet you would like to use more effectively in your business? Here is a collection of 8 mobile apps that can help you whether you are in the office or on the go.

Want to turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile cash register? Square lets users take credit card payments for a flat fee of 2.75% per swipe. It supplies customers with a free card reader and free point of sale tools.

Looking for a mobile customized invoicing solution that works from the road as well as your office? Invoice2go allows synced invoicing from all your devices and once created you can track your invoices.

This app is a must-have information capture app loaded with features and flexibility. It allows you to store notes, photos, clip web pages, and take voice reminders. Everything you add to Evernote is fully searchable – it will find text in pictures let alone documents.

Turn your smartphone into a document scanner. This app will scan all kinds of paper documents and receipts so you can minimize the paper chasing. Once scanned you can add notes, search and share your documents as you need.

Despite our progress to a digital world the paper business card is still alive and hanging in there. This app, owned by LinkedIn, converts those business cards you collect at networking events to contacts with a click of your built-in camera.

Otherwise known as ‘Fortune Is In The Follow Up’! Fiitfu is a Customer Relations Management app at a competitive price.

Need to store your documents in the cloud? Dropbox is still one of the more popular document storage and sharing services on the web.If you want ultra file security you might want to encrypt sensitive files.

Cisco WebEx Meeting
Working across iOS, Android and Blackberry, the WebEx app lets you hold meetings wherever you are. The free version supports 3 people per meeting and allows files to be shared real time while you meet.


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