Apps and Tools for Efficient Mentorship Meetings

To have a top-notch mentorship relationship, it’s important to be a meeting rockstar. Luckily there’s a sea of tools out there to help you be the most efficient meeting planner ever.

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your meetings organized, efficient and most importantly fun, try these 3 apps to keep your mentorship meetings on tracks.

1. Vyte

Playing meeting tag can be a huge time suck if you are two entrepreneurs trying to set a mentorship date. Avoid mass emails and use Vyte.

This super handy software will allow you to send an alert to your meeting companion with proposed times and days you are free. Your recipient can than choose a time period that works or suggest other options. The handiest thing about Vyte is that it can sync with your Google calendar, so it will know when you are free.


If you can’t meet in person with your mentor or mentee and you need to refer to documents you can both see, use It allows you to share your screen so that someone else can see it.

For example if you have a spreadsheet on your computer that you want people to look at, simply invite them to a meeting and they can see what you are looking at from their computer. You can even give them control of your computer by remote access, so they can make changes on your screen from their computer.

3. Inkflow Visual Notebook

Brain storming and idea generation is an exciting part of mentorship. Nurture the creativity in your meetings with Inkflow Visual Notebook. This app is like your very own journal where you can draw, take notes and add pictures. You can also share your creations with other people.


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