Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Employees?

Communication is one of the biggest issues for employers, so you are not alone if you struggle with it. In a small company which has very few people, communication happens easily because you sit side by side.

As the company grows it becomes more and more difficult to keep in touch. Even with the advent of myriad ways of communication (email, Skype, text, chat, Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc.), managers struggle with how to get their messages across.

1. Build trust
The first and foremost rule of efficient communication is that it works best between people who know, like and respect each other. If you have a good relationship with your staff, then your communications are less likely to be misunderstood and if there is misinterpretation, it is more likely that the person on the receiving end will ask questions to clarify.

2. Invest time and effort
If every manager invested time and effort into building trust and strong mutual respect between management and employees, most of the communication problems in organizations would go away. The trick is that building trust and mutual respect comes with effort, and in the communication sphere it comes with communicating a lot.

3. Listen
Communication is not a one way flow. To really communicate (and to build trust and respect), you need to send messages out, but you also need to really listen and hear what comes back.

Communication needs to be a priority with employers. Managers need to talk (face to face or via the various media) with employees on a regular basis rather than once a year at performance review or when something goes wrong.

Shawnee Love

Shawnee Love is the owner and lead consultant of Love HR in West Kelowna, BC. Love HR works with growing businesses to drive business success through people and people practices. Learn more at www.lovehr.ca or email info@lovehr.ca

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