Author: Cathy Kuzel

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Yelp … and the list goes on.Have we forgotten how to have a real conversation? We are so ‘connected’, we are disconnected. I understand that technology is a part of our lives but there are way too many people who ‘live’ in front of their monitors and […]


“I get mail; therefore I am.” ~ Scott Adams My inbox explodes every time I am away either for a conference, a speaking gig or just some ‘me’ time! Recently, when I came back to my office after attending a personal event on the weekend and then a two day conference, I found my inbox […]

What does being authentic really mean? In case you haven’t figured it out, success is an “inner game” and it’s not something that can be manipulated. Our authentic self is the sum of all our skills, talents and experience and knowledge. It is all of the things that are uniquely ours and need expression, rather […]

What makes you different and memorable? What makes people want to do business with you? Your hook is what will make you stand up and stand out from all the others. Your hook is all about: – Being memorable– Being valuable– Being unique What makes you unique? List the qualities that you feel encompass one […]

You truly enjoy your business! Your clients are happy and appreciate your commitment to quality of your products or service. Your website is up and running…yet for some reason, you aren’t attracting (and keeping) as many clients as you would like. Why? You may be missing one of these essential “B’s” in your business. “B” […]

We all know we need to connect but how do we connect with the ‘right’ people? You can have a great time at a networking but is it “thought”ful networking. Here are 5 tips to make the most of your networking experience. Make Realistic Goals: The best way to actually follow through with your goals […]

If you haven’t got one – you need to get one! Many of us are working on contracts, holding part time jobs, starting our own business or finding ways to add value to our present workplace. It is essential to know how to build our business and market ourselves and our skills. One way to […]

Here are seven small low-to-no cost projects that you can do while everyone is only now gearing up for the new year! Each project will generate a measurable ROI for you in 2014. 1. Update your website’s “About Us” page. Change the graphics to fresher, newer images; add a new profile picture to let visitors […]

Following up with clients and contacts is all about consistency. Entrepreneurs that make the initial effort to follow up do really well in the first few months and then gradually fizzle out. Here are some ideas to implement that will create a culture of consistent connections! 1. Spread out your follow up. Follow up throughout […]

We all have them. Call them goals, dreams, aspirations – but you just can’t seem to achieve them.  Why does it seem so hard? Especially with being so plugged into social media, you hear all these success stories and incredible achievements.  You feel like you’re the only one not doing it. Not true. It’s not […]