Author: Cathy Kuzel

My last blog Coffee is Good For Business! shared 3 benefits of scheduling coffee meetings each week. Here are 5 Points to keep your coffee meetings casual but controllable. Purpose – before you make that invite, determine why you want to have coffee with that person. Is it just to reconnect? Are they a potential […]

I’ve always made a point of scheduling a coffee ‘meeting’ at least twice a week. One is with someone new that I’ve just met and the other is usually a colleague that I haven’t seen for a while. I’ve made it part of my weekly routine and business plan. When I was working with my […]

My last blog On That Note . . . Part One shared the “Why’ handwritten notes are effective even in today’s digital world of communication. This blog will share 5 simple ways on “How” to use a handwritten note. 5 Simple Ways to Use Notes Thanks! If you really want to create an impression, send […]

Would you like a little something that would help you stand out from your competitors? Something that gets you noticed? Something that just might give you a distinct edge? Something simple, different and easy to implement that costs just pennies? That ‘something’ is right at your fingertips. A hand-written note! Here are 4 reasons ‘Why” […]

Every year companies have holiday office parties and every year someone will become the ‘talk of the town’ but not for the best reasons! Here are the answers to 5 key questions to ask yourself BEFORE you attend that next holiday get together. 1. Do I have to go?Just being there is 80 percent of […]

The four most overlooked areas or tools of marketing are the following: Press releases Articles Speaking Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (just to name a few) What is a press release? A press release seeks to demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular person, event, service or product. Press releases […]


Your elevator pitch is like a living document. It’s a method of communication that should change and evolve as you and your business do. Each time you give your elevator pitch, your goal should be to elicit the response: “Tell me more” or “How do you do that?” The best way to NOT get business […]

Sooner or later it happens to every business owner – some customer somewhere, is going to make an unreasonable request or raise an unfair objection. How the situation is handled may well determine whether or not a client is lost. Use the following techniques to deal with this “thorny” issue while keeping the business AND […]

Two of the most difficult challenges for SOHO businesses are Time Management and the separation of Home & Business Life. It’s so easy to get ‘disconnected’ from a balanced lifestyle when one or the other is vying for our attention. Getting control of both business and personal areas of our lives requires organization and self-discipline. […]

They’re there. Files upon files. Folders upon folders. You can’t see them, but they’re taking up TONS of space on your hard drive AND they’re keeping you from doing what you do best! It’s one thing to create and build a valuable resource library, but have you crossed the line from researcher to hoarder? One […]