Author: Dawn McCooey

As a small business owner, you may be working with a multi-generational workforce. At any time you may have up to four different generations working together. You’ve heard of the “Traditionalists” (born between 1922-1945) and of course, the “Boomers”(1946-1964); Generation X (those born between 1965–1979); and Generation Y (those born between 1980-1999).But each of these […]

Mentoring is the key to unlocking hidden potential. We know that Mentoring is not just a North American phenomenon. Globally, organizations are recognizing mentoring as crucial to women’s growth and success. This is even more the case in developing countries. In India, while the number of women employees is around 29 percent in the workforce […]

The talent wars are making a come-back and employee retention will represent the most important competitive edge a business has. If your company has the best talent in your industry, if you’re not spending thousands of dollars on replacing key staff, if you are the magnet for employees – just imagine that competitive edge. Where […]

Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new. What will you do in your business that is brand new? Shake it up? Find new customers? Write that strategic plan that you’ve been putting off? The new year is a great time to step back and work on your business. In a […]

Are you managing change in your business or are you Leading change? There is a difference. You can manage systems and processes, but you have to lead your key stakeholders. Any change in your business constitutes some type of transition: decreased revenue, increased sales and revenues, introduction of new products, staffing changes – these are […]

In business, when it comes to the proper fit, nowhere is it more important than in recruitment of new staff. Your hiring strategy is key to your company’s future growth. There is no better way to retain employees than to ensure their personal and work values fit in with the culture of your company. Learn […]

Human resources is part of the larger business strategy in a small business. Recruitment and employee training has to fit in with the business culture. There are several points to consider while deciding on the HR strategy for your business. 1. RecruitmentKnow what you are hiring for. Use lots of behavioural interviewing questions – otherwise […]