Author: Jaeny Baik

Along with video training, I also lead a workshop on “How To Write And Deliver a 30 second Business Pitch That Will Knock The Socks Off Your Customer.” Here’s how it looks. I stand in front of a group of 25 women sitting in chairs and say, “Alright! One by one, please stand up and […]

You’re amazingly confident talking one-on-one to people about your business, but the minute you step in front of a camera, ahhhhhh! Your throat gets dry, hands get sweaty.You have nothing to say while fear grips your shoulders in a tight ball of anxiety. Recording a video to promote your business is like going to the […]

You’re in front of a camera.The red recording light goes on.ACTION! Do you feel confident delivering your message?Are you engaging and dynamic on video? Or are you stiff and nervous, fumbling over your words? As an entrepreneur and CEO, you ARE the best spokesperson for your business – so how much training have you invested […]