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Have you ever noticed entrepreneurs are different? For example, take a look at the entrepreneurs on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den​. Whether the entrepreneurs have a strange or wonderful idea, they have one powerful characteristic in common. They have the self-confidence to take action. Think about it. Out of all the people who told you they […]

Being productive should feel good. If you tend to procrastinate and worry about the things you feel you should be doing, it’s a sign that you may associate productivity with pain. Luckily, you can change your mindset about productivity and implement habits that make productivity enjoyable. Try these tips to maximizing your productivity: 1. Every […]

You’ve probably heard mentoring can double your chances of staying in business, but did you know it can also change the way you think? Here are three things I learned from being mentored: 1. I will never know everything – and that’s ok I thought to make it in this world I should absolutely know […]

To have a top-notch mentorship relationship, it’s important to be a meeting rockstar. Luckily there’s a sea of tools out there to help you be the most efficient meeting planner ever. If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your meetings organized, efficient and most importantly fun, try these 3 apps to keep your […]

Considering only about 17% of small businesses in Canada are owned by women, it’s not a surprise that many female entrepreneurs feel isolated. If you are a female entrepreneur, you are likely taking more risks, working more than 40 hours a week, and failing more than your female employee counterparts. So where can women go […]

Everyone can benefit from mentors. Great mentors boost your confidence, give you support and can help double your chance of business success. However, research shows that female entrepreneurs can benefit more from mentorship, because women are less likely to get funding, have more fears than men when starting a business and have smaller business networks […]