Author: Michela Quilici

One of the marketing strategies that saves you time and money is to build your team of marketing champions to do the selling for you. Champions are an educated, unpaid marketing force that screen potential prospects and introduce them to you. They will qualify the right prospects, and screen out those that won’t fit your […]

It’s not about what you know or who you know. If you want to grow your business, it’s all about who knows you. Your formula for success includes targeting markets that have means and a need for your solution, and educating them on the fact that you have a solution for the problem they are […]

Although business plans are a requirement for getting funding, this is not the only reason to plan. Savvy business owners develop a plan so they can plot their course, think through their business model, price out their offering, consider what staff they will need, examine their cash flow, plan out their marketing activities, and do […]

A business is an entity that needs to be created, built and led in order for it to be successful over the long term. Get on the road to planned business growth by mastering these five strategies. Learn to think like a salespersonDevelop your sales muscle and learn to think like a salesperson. The function […]

Trust is one of the cornerstones of building a profitable and sustainable business. Without trust there is no credibility, and without credibility there are no customers. Don’t underestimate the impact trust has on your bottom line. Here are my Top 5 tips for becoming more trust worthy. 1. Follow through and follow up. Do what […]

Many people who go into business are both the biggest visionary and the biggest critic in their profession. They see the big picture, yet they do things to sabotage their advancement. Here are five of the most common mistakes that 98% of professionals make in their business and how they can be avoided. 1. Tolerating […]

1. Understand what business you are really in Knowing what business are you actually in, is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Being an exceptional technician at what you sell (products or services) will not guarantee success. But knowing how to articulate why your market should care about what you sell, will. Now imagine […]