Author: Sandy Huang

One of my favorite local restaurants suffered a major fire damage last year due to an electrical failure next door. For two months the restaurant was boarded up, and eventually closed down. Unexpected business emergencies happen. Even though you cannot avoid them, you can impact the way you rise above these events by being prepared […]

We have all come across business names that make us cringe and scratch our heads. A business name serves as first impression. Professional naming companies charge big bucks for a reason. A good and appropriate name inspires trust, intrigue and a desire to do business. On the other hand, a poorly chosen name triggers negative […]

In order to compete and gain an edge for your company, incorporating technology is imperative in today’s business world. Instead of blindly adopting technology trends into your practice, it is important to consider how they can transform your organization internally and externally, and assist in your business growth over time. Each company has a different […]

There are numerous benefits to using the email newsletter as a marketing tool. The foremost benefit is it allows a business to maintain contact with its customers, prospects and influencers regularly and cost-effectively. Before your company jumps into the world of email newsletters, however, it is important to have a strategy in place. Here’s a […]

When conducting market research, aside from selecting the right target audience and research type (such as focus group or email survey), asking the right questions is crucial in receiving quality responses: 1. Your questions should be pointed and as concise as possibleWhen creating your questions, make a mental distinction between what is essential to know, […]

In business, a strong mentor is invaluable. Mentors come in many forms – family friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc. A colleague of mine was recently accepted into a well-known global mentorship program , in which entrepreneurs are mentored by a team of experienced and successful business owners. I spent some time reading about their structure […]

Many new business ventures fail as they struggle to generate enough cash flow to sustain operations. Even for established companies, positive cash flow is required not only to take care of day-to-day expenses, but also to invest in infrastructure and future growth. 1. Get rid of excess inventoryExcess inventory causes worry for every business. It […]

One of the most important lessons all entrepreneurs need to learn early on in their businesses is to ask for help. Too often business owners opt to do everything themselves either because of budget concerns or their inability to let go or ask for help. Here are a few benefits of getting professional advice: We […]

Your market and your customers are always evolving. Standing still in the business world allows other companies to step in and fulfill customer needs. Here are a few tips on how to uncover growth opportunities: Self EvaluationIt is extremely important to first evaluate the existing business. Examining each service or product from its bottom line […]

As a business owner, you may be comfortable, or prefer, making all the business decisions alone. However, there are endless benefits for having the extra brain power. Creating the Dream Team In choosing the people to include on your strategic team, keep in mind that diversity is the key to bringing new ideas to the […]