Author: Sylvia Katz

Often many businesses leave the task of organizing their  paperwork for year-end. Businesses need to have proper paperwork to complete compliance reporting and filing. Keeping your business documents in order […]

Love them or hate them…..KPI or Key Performance Indicators are a great way of assessing your business performance and creating a strong roadmap for your business growth. KPI’s are very […]

As a business owner you should look for the following four qualities when hiring an accountant: Is the accountant professionally designated? Why is it important? What is the accountant’s experience? […]

Business owners should ask the following questions when choosing accounting program:  Identify what you are looking for out of the software? Basic financial information or variety applications including customer relationship […]

Financial statements are an integral part of business performance indicators. As owners are busy with the day to day operations; financial record keeping and performance reports are left for year-end […]

Cash flow planning is an integral part of business sustainability. Much like the heart in our body, we can’t live without it. Cash flow is the heart of a business; […]