Avoid these 8 Common Business Planning Mistakes

Although business plans are a requirement for getting funding, this is not the only reason to plan. Savvy business owners develop a plan so they can plot their course, think through their business model, price out their offering, consider what staff they will need, examine their cash flow, plan out their marketing activities, and do 100 other things. Business plans are a clear and concise way to get your ideas down on paper to chart your course.

When considering your business plan, beware of the eight classic mistakes that most business owners make when it comes to business planning.

1. Not having a plan. Not having a plan is like flying a plane without navigation. You can do it, but why would you?

2. Not using the plan you have. It is a measurement and a way for you track how you are doing compared to how you thought you would be doing (projected vs. actual). A business plan is an asset to a company.

3. Not using the plan as a performance measurement from year to year. Your business plan measures a variety of things, so that you can determine how you are doing from year to year.

4. Not base lining performance into yearly and quarterly goals. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

5. Not forecasting sales, cash flow or overhead. All financials have to be forecasted so that you know what you are aiming for. When you set goals, you normally consciously and subconsciously take steps to make them happen.

6. Not having a contingency plan as a back up to the main strategy. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. By having backup plans, you enable yourself to launch Plan B when you see that things aren’t working.

7. Not sharing it with key people in the business. Managers and key staff should see the business plan, and key advisors should provide feedback.

8. Not writing it down. Writing down a plan is 90% of the battle. It reminds you of what you wanted to do and keeps you on course.

Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici is a marketing strategist + business advisor with Q. Consulting and a Ghost CEO™ business development coach. Her proven and powerful process provides women entrepreneurs with focus, systems, accountability and business development tools to turn their expertise into a profitable and sustainable 6-figure business. Michela is on a mission to reconnect women entrepreneurs with their brilliance, and support them to authentically market and grow their business from the inside out; helping service professionals get the clarity they need to catapult their business forward, and confidently create a business they love. She is also a contributing author in the bestselling book series Adventures in Manifesting: Conscious Business; an anthology of stories to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

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