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With the many distractions, and priorities in our work and family life, making the time to be fit physically, mentally, and emotionally takes a back seat. We inherently KNOW that taking care of ourselves consistently has a return on investment that is invaluable, yet we have a disconnect when it comes to the DOING part. Have you ever asked yourself what it is COSTING you, your family, your business (insert any other life category applicable) not investing in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being?

Okay, so now what?

First, surrender. That’s right – wave that white flag. Surrender to what is…that your email inbox will be full; there will always be a list of things to get to, laundry, meetings, caregiving etc. Life is a tapestry of moving parts and when we argue and plea for a different reality, we choose our own suffering and stress.

Next, do something every day just for you. Begin with carving out 30 minutes a day and schedule it in. Dedicate that time to nourish yourself and replenish your ‘you’ tank. Here are some hints:


  • Get outside for a walk. Nature plus fresh air will do a world of good for your body and mind. AND it is free! We are built to move after all.
  • Try out a Yoga or Zumba class.


  • Daydream and then doodle. Leverage your own inner 5 year old and unleash your imagination.
  • Practice meditation. You can train your brain to quiet down and learn how to control your thoughts.


  • Journal. Some of my biggest insights, solutions, and discoveries have come from journaling.
  • Laugh. Life is short; we are here to contribute and grow. Laugh it out and trust you will find a way like you have always done in the past. Laughing yoga anyone?!

By taking time for yourself each day you may just inspire those around you to do the same. If we give ourselves permission, we in turn give others permission to do the same. Talk about win/win!

Imagine what would become possible for you and your life if you took the time to nourish yourself daily?

Sara Wegwitz

Sara Wegwitz is the owner of Tailor Making Health in Victoria. Sara is a Master Strategist and Wellness Educator who specializes in helping individuals and groups transform their inner critic into their own positive and supportive friend. Frequently reported side effects from working with Sara include: Increased confidence, blasting through old mental limitations and achieving your best. She offers tailor made sustainable solutions for your unique health and wellness needs. By tweaking how you think anything is possible. Why not jump start your pampering and join her for an awesome “Girls’ Weekend Escape to Tigh Na Mara! coming up February 28 – March 2, 2014 in beautiful Parksville BC.

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