Bestseller Status for New Book, “Feminine Capital – Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs”

Women entrepreneurs are leveling the playing field in business by embracing their Feminine Capital. When Professors Barbara Orser  and Catherine Elliott  of the Telfer School wrote their book, Feminine Capital: Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs, they wanted to tell the story of how women were harnessing different approaches to doing business, creating wealth and transforming lives. Drawing on four decades of award-winning research, they offered new insights into the ways that gender influences entrepreneurial decision-making.

The launch of the book generated deep conversations about their theory of entrepreneurial feminism. The book helps women entrepreneurs learn how to leverage their ‘feminine capital’ to create distinctive brands, build new markets, and drive profits.

Women’s Enterprise Centre was the host and organizing partner of an international collaboration to promote this well-researched and informative work. Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada(WEOC), as the national partner, brought together several organizations to make April 5th Feminine Capital bestseller day. A total of 11 knowledge exchange partners and 9 promotional partnersparticipated in the ‘Bestseller Day’ to help the book reach bestseller status on Amazon on April 5, 2016. In total, about 25 organizations serving women entrpreneurs participated, from the US, Canada, and the UK.

People who purchased Feminine Capital on the Bestseller Day on Amazon received bonus gifts including:

  •  2 interactive webinars with authors Dr. Barbara Orser and Dr. Catherine Elliott – one for women’s enterprise support organizations and one for women entrepreneurs, hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre;
  • Exclusive access to a collection of downloadable templates, resources and reports contributed by 11 leading women’s enterprise support organizations from around the world; and
  • 6 personalized tools for female entrepreneurs to apply the principles of Feminine Capital to their business or organization.

The enthusiastic participation of the Knowledge Exchange and Promo Partners helped the book achieve the following results on Amazon Canada:

  • #1 Bestseller in Entrepreneurship
  • #2 Bestseller in Careers
  • #3 Bestseller in Education & Reference
  • #4 Bestseller in Business & Investing
  • #15 Bestseller overall

The ‘Feminine Capital’ movement, and Bestseller Day initiative was a wildly successful model of collaboration in support of women entrepreneurs and a celebration of the special attributes they bring to their business.Thanks to all who participated. For more info, see  http://weoc.ca/femininecapital/.

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