Better Customer Relationships Come From Mistakes – Part 4

Here’s a recap of the steps so far providing exceptional customer service:

1. Manage customer expectations in advance of your customer making a purchase. It will reduce customer upsets substantially.

2. When a customer  expresses an issue, actively listen by recapping what they have said and address their feelings.

3. Listen to the entire story following the active listening process.

4. Acknowledge the failure on your end. It may likely be a result of not managing the customers’ expectations.

5. Ask the client what solution would resolve the issue they have.

Here are the last two steps in Part 4 of this blog series:

6. Accept the customers’ solution or negotiate anther solution.

7. Use this experience as a way to build a stronger customer relationship that has a sustainable future.

In Part 3, the customer requested a $50 refund from the moving company. The business owner accepted the solution. Let’s say the business owner wants to go beyond accepting a proposed solution.

The business owner asks, “Were there any other concerns the customer had with the moving service.” The customer says, “no, in fact the movers were very careful and did a great job.”

The business owner knows the moving service was favourable so they offer one free pick up and delivery for one piece of furniture within the next 6 months. This lets the customer know that the business owner cares. It also showcases another service the moving company offers.

To find out more about this customer service technique, read the book “Exceptional Service. Exceptional Profit.”

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