Beyond Vanilla: 5 Tips to Writing a Blog with Flavour

You know good writing when you find yourself reading about something you thought was boring (dinosaurs are my test). Real engagement can do that. And what’s a blog for but to engage clients and colleagues? But how to do with panache and still sound professional?

#1. Be an Exhibitionist
Give us a piece of yourself. We tend to be formal or resort to industry speak when we write. Loosen up and enjoy being read. Writing is a kind of performance.

#2. Look Who’s Talking
Blog writing is somewhere between writing and talking. Create a rhythm. We do when we talk. Partial sentences are okay. Short ones, too. But don’t throw out all the rules of grammar. Or the editing process. Prepare to sweat getting the right words in the right place. Easy reading usually comes from hard writing.

#3. Play the Numbers
In the grab and go world of the Internet, points are popular because of their scanability. So are catchy headers. Another trick is stating the time it will take to read your piece. I subscribe to a writing blog that tells me I’m in for a 3 minute read. I always have 3 minutes. I always read it.

#4. Curiosity Does Not Kill
Use blogging as a way to answer questions you have about your industry. If you’re asking them so are others, which means you’ve got a good topic and an audience. Research, write, and let your blog be a place of open discovery. Sharing ideas encourages relationships.

#5. Ooh La La
I have a dress designer friend who has got an ooh la la language that fits her designs. She also has no problem complimenting the competition. All this says everything about her philosophy and approach. Passion of any kind is infectious and likely to attract clients so show some of yours.

Leslie Javorski

Leslie Javorski is a content writer. Though her niche is food, her articles, stories and blogs have appeared in numerous publications, including Northwest Travel Magazine, Saveur, Western Living, Taste, and the Vancouver Sun.You can learn more about Leslie at foodwords.ca

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