Strategic thinking can help you gain insight into your sales process and how you might develop valuable sales strategies. The hard part is usually knowing where to start. The following six questions can help you get started on the strategic thinking process and help you to generate more sales. By asking yourself strategic thinking questions […]

One of the most common challenges facing employers these days is a shortage of skilled workers. But with summer on its way, a lot of post-secondary students are looking for meaningful employment opportunities to further their education through work-integrated learning programs. Are you looking for a skill set that you do not currently have in-house? […]

Many business owners wonder how much their business is worth, but when they get to the point of actually having their business valued, do they know what to look for? Brokers, realtors, accountants, and chartered business valuators offer valuation services at different price points. Some even offer them for free. But not all valuations are […]

One positive outcome of the past year has been the increased awareness about the importance of supporting our local businesses. Buying locally-made products is no longer a trend and is a welcome lifestyle change. Women’s Enterprise Centre recently signed on as a partner of the Island Good initiative, a licensee program that supports producers on […]

As an owner and operator of a tourism business, I’ve experienced first-hand how quickly events outside of our control can affect a business.  Three years ago, my husband and I purchased a beautiful riverside campground in Northern BC, Salmon Valley Campground.  Our first spring, there were warnings of a 100 year flood and wildfires were […]

Tips for Business owners dealing with pandemic debt

A year ago last week, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Since then, Canadian small businesses have racked up a collective $135 billion in debt as a result of the pandemic, with the average business’ debt load approximately $170,000, according to a recent estimate by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). If […]

Women’s Enterprise Centre is excited to be joining the celebrations for this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8. This year’s theme is looking at challenging norms so we can achieve a more inclusive and equal future. After all, women in business are driving change. Here are a few areas in which some incredible […]

In an age where your business’ online presence is one of your most important assets, it’s important to market your business online the right way, especially when you’re spending money on it. Google Ads are a great way to reach both new and existing customers while they’re searching for products or services similar to the […]

To celebrate Black History Month this February, Women’s Enterprise Centre reached out to Nerissa Allen, the President of the Black Business Association of BC. Her organization is on a mission to support Black business owners with the tools and resources they need in their entrepreneurial journey. Nerissa shared information on the work of her organization […]

What's really causing your Zoom Fatigue?

Spending our workday at a computer isn’t something new. So why is it that talking to people online is burning us out? If you’re an educator, manager, coach, advisor, or anyone else who has made the switch to remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are probably well aware of the term “Zoom Fatigue.” […]

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