Are you using LinkedIn to grow your business? Or have you been thinking of using it but haven’t got around to it yet? LinkedIn is essential for all B2B businesses but can also be very effective for B2C businesses. The approach for B2C will be different, but can be equally effective when you utilize LinkedIn’s […]

Problem solving is a key skill that can make a huge difference to your business. Whether resolving a problem between you and your client, you and your employees, or you and your union, three things need to exist: 1.Shared goals: The thing about shared goals is that you have to walk the talk. In good […]

Do you have an amazing deal to offer your clients/customers? Everybody wants to get a deal. Getting a deal gives you bragging rights, “Hey, did you hear about the great deal I got?” Imagine you’re in a jewelry store and a necklace catches your eye. It screams, “Buy me!” The price tag is $199. As […]

They’re there. Files upon files. Folders upon folders. You can’t see them, but they’re taking up TONS of space on your hard drive AND they’re keeping you from doing what you do best! It’s one thing to create and build a valuable resource library, but have you crossed the line from researcher to hoarder? One […]

Have you ever considered the impression your business gives to people who are not ‘29’ anymore? “Older adults tend to be loyal customers. If your business is age-friendly, you can attract and keep customers within a large and expanding demographic.” Age-Friendly British Columbia. When I had my stores, I had a large number of customers […]

Flexibility, change and reinvention are part of the challenge of being an entrepreneur whether you are creating new services to meet your client needs, exploring new opportunities or marketing to potential customers. Consider expanding your business to take advantage of opportunities in other parts of the world. Diversifying into different markets can help you mitigate […]

Insurance coverage is important for small business owners. One effective cost saving strategy is with loan insurance. It is common risk management practice for lending institutions to request disability and life insurance protection on loans and mortgages. Personal insurance is more favourable over creditor protection. We will examine the process, savings, risks and benefits: 1.Application […]

Relaxed work attire is a trend many entrepreneurs have embraced — some perhaps a little too much. In fact, a recent survey commissioned by The Creative Group found 39 percent of executives said workers and company representatives appear too casual when donning a relaxed look. As an entrepreneur, we ARE the company and our appearance […]

As a social media strategist I often come across the following question – I have a barely used Twitter account under my personal name. Should I open a new account for my business under my business name? I strongly suggest you keep just one Twitter account with your name on it. If you want your […]

All businesses impact the environment. The decision to go green is a smart business move. It saves energy, cuts costs, and also creates competitive advantage for you in the market place. Going green is not an overwhelming process. Below are five easy tips to help your small business incorporate greening as part of your business […]

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