As business owners, it’s often easy to think that getting more customers is the answer to getting more revenue. Although this is true, it is actually much more cost and time effective if you already have a solid customer base to focus on, keeping the existing customers you love as your primary goal. Many of […]

As women entrepreneurs we are masters at multi-tasking. We know how to schedule an appointment in our calendar while texting our teenager about dinner and sending an email to a client. Below are a few tech tools to help increase your business productivity. 1. Social media. Facebook and Twitter are THE‘ blast’ communication portal for […]

Many new business ventures fail as they struggle to generate enough cash flow to sustain operations. Even for established companies, positive cash flow is required not only to take care of day-to-day expenses, but also to invest in infrastructure and future growth. 1. Get rid of excess inventoryExcess inventory causes worry for every business. It […]

Although your financial year-end can be at any time of the year, many businesses have a Dec 31st year end. This means your accountant will have last year’s financial statements ready by now. Accounting might be your least favourite part of running your business, but your year-end financials can be a powerful tool to analyze […]

Two of the most difficult challenges for SOHO businesses are Time Management and the separation of Home & Business Life. It’s so easy to get ‘disconnected’ from a balanced lifestyle when one or the other is vying for our attention. Getting control of both business and personal areas of our lives requires organization and self-discipline. […]

You have sorted all your documents into current, reference, or historical compartments. It is now time to develop a tracking system suitable to your thought patterns. Set up correctly and logically, you will be able to locate a document in 60 seconds or less. How it Works Your own thought process creates the pattern. It […]

You’re in front of a camera.The red recording light goes on.ACTION! Do you feel confident delivering your message?Are you engaging and dynamic on video? Or are you stiff and nervous, fumbling over your words? As an entrepreneur and CEO, you ARE the best spokesperson for your business – so how much training have you invested […]

Are you using LinkedIn to grow your business? Or have you been thinking of using it but haven’t got around to it yet? LinkedIn is essential for all B2B businesses but can also be very effective for B2C businesses. The approach for B2C will be different, but can be equally effective when you utilize LinkedIn’s […]

Problem solving is a key skill that can make a huge difference to your business. Whether resolving a problem between you and your client, you and your employees, or you and your union, three things need to exist: 1.Shared goals: The thing about shared goals is that you have to walk the talk. In good […]

Do you have an amazing deal to offer your clients/customers? Everybody wants to get a deal. Getting a deal gives you bragging rights, “Hey, did you hear about the great deal I got?” Imagine you’re in a jewelry store and a necklace catches your eye. It screams, “Buy me!” The price tag is $199. As […]

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