Business Advising & Mentoring for Women

For over 25 years, we have helped BC women entrepreneurs succeed with personalized support. In addition to our business workshops and loans, we offer professional business advice and mentoring.

Business Advisor or Mentor – What’s the difference?

What kind of support is right for you? It depends on your business challenges and goals.

Learn more about each option below or contact us to get started today!

Kim Yuen, WEC Business Advisor

Kim Yuen
Business Advisor

Business Advising

A Business Advisor (BA) assists many types of businesses at all stages of the business cycle.

She can provide complimentary advice and resources on general business issues such as marketing, business planning, strategic planning, accessing capital, managing cash flow, international trade and more.

You may need a BA if…

  • You have a specific business question
  • You’re struggling with a certain aspect of your business
  • You need help completing a plan – business, growth, financial or marketing
  • You just need someone who can point you in the right direction for information or other resources

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Picture of Cathy Kuzel, WEC Volunteer Mentor

Cathy Kuzel
WEC Volunteer Mentor


A Mentor is a volunteer with business experience who offers support, guidance and knowledge to Mentees who are in their first three years of business.

They share their own experiences – what’s worked for them and what hasn’t – and help their Mentee achieve her goals to set her on the road to self-sufficiency.

You may need a Mentor if…

  • You feel isolated as a business owner, and would like to share your triumphs and tribulations
  • You’d like ideas and opinions from people with an outside perspective
  • You’d like to build your networks in the business community
  • You want to increase your business knowledge and build confidence

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