Growing Your Business

Make the growth decisions that are right for you

There’s a lot to think about when growing your business. You must overcome many challenges, and it helps to have an objective set of eyes to work with you. That’s where our business growth resources and Business Advisors come in.

Our team of professionals offers growth and export support, trade missions and diversity certifications to help you scale your business.

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If you are growing quickly, or you plan to do so, it is important to have a lending resource that can help you fund your expansion plans. In addition to providing funds, WEC has advised us on customer presentations, general business practices, and growth strategies. WEC is also very supportive of women who want to attend business events in the US.Cheryl Dawn Smith, HortyGirl Living Decor, WEC Loan & Growth Support Client

Business Growth Support for Women Entrepreneurs

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Resources & Ways to Grow

Consider your growth options and access free resources to help with your growth plan.

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International Trade & Export Support

Thinking about importing/exporting? We can offer customized support, including certification and trade missions!

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Supplier Diversity

If you are a woman business owner you are a diverse supplier – which means you can access unique opportunities to grow your business.

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