Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs

With support and inspiration from a mentor, you can achieve your goals and get on the track to business success – 95% of WEC mentees are still in business after 5 years!

Our mentoring programs connect women who are in the early stages of business with experienced entrepreneurs. Our mentoring programs are designed to help you build confidence, improve your business knowledge, increase productivity and offer you emotional support. We currently offer four types of mentoring as part of our program.

The mentoring program is an incredible experience that allowed me to regain focus on my business to bring it to a greater profit. This was priceless.Past WEC Mentee

Our Mentoring Programs

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One-to-One Mentoring

This program matches a woman in the early stages of business with a seasoned business owner for a six-month mentoring relationship.

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Picture of women in peer mentoring group

Peer Mentoring Groups

Don’t go it alone with your business joys and challenges! Join a Peer Mentoring Group and receive support from other women entrepreneurs.

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Taking the Stage®

Address the fundamental communication habits that minimize your credibility as a leader with this program previously only available to women executives in large corporations.

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Sherry Moir

Sherry Moir
Licensed RE/MAX REALTOR, Langley
WEC Volunteer Mentor

Become a One-to-One-Mentor

We are looking for experienced business owners from all BC communities who are interested in volunteering as a Mentor.

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I thoroughly enjoyed working with young entrepreneurial women who not only appreciated what I had to contribute, but taught me a great deal about myself in the process.Past WEC Volunteer Mentor