Become a Mentor

We are looking for experienced business owners – men and women – from all BC communities who are interested in volunteering as a mentor.

We have women waiting to be matched with entrepreneurs who can share their perspective in a One-to-One Mentoring relationship.

Why volunteer?

  • Share your business experience and knowledge
  • Make a positive impact in your mentee’s business
  • Give back to your community
  • Make new connections with a network of volunteers throughout the province
  • Learn new skills—93% of WEC mentors say that being a mentor has helped them in their own business!

Mentor Qualifications

As a volunteer mentor, you want to provide the best advice and resources to your mentees. But you don’t need to have all the answers—we’re here to support you! To be a mentor, you should have :

  • Five years, or equivalent experience, operating your own business
  • The willingness to communicate, empathize and inspire trust
  • The ability to commit to six sessions over a six-month period (minimum of 2-3 hours per month)

Apply Now to Become a Mentor

Picture of Carol Greenaway

Carol Greenaway
Greenaway Consulting, Vancouver
WEC Volunteer Mentor

What our past mentors say…

I was a mentor with Women’s Enterprise Centre for 5 years. I thoroughly enjoyed working with young entrepreneurial women who not only appreciated what I had to contribute, but taught me a great deal about myself in the process. Mentoring in my opinion is a way for anyone in business to give back to their community, by helping an individual survive and thrive. Being a mentor enriched my life by the simple act of sharing perspectives and experiences with a fellow entrepreneur. I would encourage all female entrepreneurs to consider a mentoring relationship with support from Women’s Enterprise Centre.
I am thrilled at how much work these ladies have put into the program. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this amazing program. I learned so much from them and felt they learned so much about themselves.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to work and play with talented women entrepreneurs. I learn lots from them too!
Volunteering has been wonderful for me this year as I am building my contacts, my skills, and my confidence as a consultant. My mentee has been a delight!

If you have any questions about the becoming a Mentor, or you would like to suggest a Mentor, please email our Mentoring Coordinator: