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Don’t go it alone with your business joys and your business challenges!

Join a Peer Mentoring Group and receive support from other women entrepreneurs.

If you’re new to business, you know it’s a challenge to stay on top of everything and find balance in your life.

Our Mentoring Program is designed to help you build confidence, improve your business knowledge, increase productivity and offer you emotional support. A mentor can help you get on the track to success!

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Financial Fitness Peer Mentoring

Do you understand your financial statements and review them on a regular basis—or do you avoid them all together?

Many entrepreneurs take a “head in the sand” approach to the financial side of their business and end up down a path they never expected. If you don’t have regular check-ups, how will you know if you are financially fit?

Facilitated by Chartered Professional Accountants in a confidential environment, our Financial Fitness Peer Mentoring groups will help you to:

  • Speak more comfortably with your bookkeeper, accountant and banker
  • Assess the financial health of your business and proactively manage your cash flow so you can sleep at night
  • Evaluate the financial impact of business decisions (e.g. pricing changes)

Program Cost: $150 for six, two-hour sessions

Picture of Lynn Wong, CPA Volunteer Mentor

Lynn Wong, CPA CA
Crowe MacKay LLP, Kelowna
Volunteer CPA Mentor


Am I Eligible?

You may be eligible if you are:

  • Actively operating a business in BC and generating revenue
  • In the first five years of operating your business
  • Female and over the age of 19

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What our 2017 program participants say…

Thank you so much for this program! It was invaluable to me at this point in my business growth, fulfilling a gap in my understanding and building my confidence.
I would highly recommend this program for anyone who does not have a solid accounting background. I had many “ah ha” moments and notes on what to change for the following fiscal year.
I think small groups like these are exactly what is needed so there’s time to really get deep with whatever issues are at hand.

Financial support for our Mentoring program provided by:

Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology

Province of BC